Holger is a creative family combining diverse sounds and visuals from various playgrounds.
Founded in 2013 and run by Jan & Steffen Bennemann.

dream weapons

Aggelos Baltas has been producing music for almost a decade now, with his Fantastikoi Hxoi project gathering both local and international praise for its bold blend of disparate styles and influences spanning a wide spectrum of psychedelic music. In his Dream Weapons guise he adopts a more dance-floor oriented approach, combining krautrock with styles like acid and minimal wave, without losing the multi-layered kaleidoscopic style that characterised his previous work.

jan bennemann

When Steffen and Webermichelson sat together discussing the idea of starting a label, it was clear that someone was needed »to keep all things together«. Everybody is quite happy Jan took the job - being the good spirit of the family, always making sure everybody is doing alright and of course: Keeping all things together.


Margot are Pepe and Giaga, two great guys from Rimini, Italy. We've been fans of their powerful synth-heavy music ever since they showed up on James Holden's Border Community and launched their own extremely well-curated imprint (Margot Records). So we were more than happy when they joined our family, showing their more experimental-leaning side on Holger.

lianne van de laar

Lianne is a photographer and visual artist originally from Amsterdam, now based in Leipzig. She joined our family with great commitment and within no time she became a defining part of it - providing visuals of all kinds, promotion, advice, ideas, concepts. Invaluable and always challenging everybody to think a step further.

reymund schröder

Reymund is a type-designer with a distinct interest in printmaking living and working in Leipzig, Germany. We are super happy that when we asked Benjamin (Timoka) to do our graphic artwork, he said he wouldn't want to do it without Reymund. Even though we never met him before, it instantly clicked. Being a true font master, Reymund is giving Holger the top-notch visual edge that makes us proud every time we see it.

steffen bennemann

Being an active DJ and promoter based in Leipzig for many years, Steffen always dreamtof starting a label. It took a while until he had met the right people to finally do so. Pushing boundaries with challenging concepts and bringing together creative minds from various backgrounds has always been a key motivation in Steffen's work - and that's exactly what Holger is all about.


Currently based in Basel, Switzerland, Benjamin Kilchhofer is an artist and musician. In his studio he puts together the most beautiful sounds: Complex melodies and often bravely unconventional structures, intertwined in heart-breaking melancholy. Together with Reymund, he also is responsible for the Holger cover artworks. And that's just two of many reasons why he has become a core member of our family.


A two-piece band from Leipzig, Germany. Philipp and Sven actually were the reason the whole Holger project came about: After being at one of their concerts, Steffen told them »We have to start a label together«. Webermichelson have been at the core of our family ever since, helping to build it musically, conceptually and emotionally.

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