Holger 13


Release Date: April 28, 2017
A1 Untitled · A2 Untitled · B1 Untitled · B2 Untitled

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Perm is one of Leipzig's most busy producers and performers of electronic music. After releases on shtum, Mana All Nite, DUR, KANN and Nachtdigital in recent years, Holger is more than happy to welcome him with a four-tracker that offers a deep insight into his vision of timeless Techno: Airy and yet firmly grounded, with a foggy atmosphere that permeates a vast space of sound. It is trippy and hypnotic but also very bodily and highly energetic. With these qualities it fits very nicely with Holger 11 (Polo) and 12 (Barnt) – a perfect closer for this mini triplet series, a concept that has become sort of a trademark for the label.

Holger 12

BarntIf She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer

Release Date: February 17, 2017
A A-Seite 1-5 · B If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer

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After gracing Holger with one of his signature remixes about two years ago (Holger 6: The Moonland Remixes), Barnt now returns with two of his own works, the first ones since his widely acclaimed debut LP of 2014. Side A features an ethereal composition in five parts - accurately titled »A-Seite 1-5« - while Side B displays Barnt's idiosyncratic version of techno at its best: »If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer«. Unmistakably the man from Magazine, yet in surprising new garments - and another perfect match for Holger.

Holger 11

PoloTent Tracks

Release Date: November 11, 2016
A1 Title Missing · A2 Hide and Seek · B1 Transformation · B2 Dansk Project 5

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After a well-received debut record on fellow Leipzig imprint KANN (»Route«, 2015), »Tent Tracks« marks Polo's second artist EP and his first one for Holger. Here he further expands the hypnotic qualities of his productions and yet always remains in the blurry zone between Techno and House. Based on rather loopy grooves, his sound is moving as well as meditative - it's extremely physical and remarkably spiritual at the same time. Music to dance and lose your mind to. In all that it's essentially Polo - one of Leipzig's most established DJs for almost two decades, rock solid and ever reliable.

Holger 10


Release Date: June 10, 2016
A1 Worker · A2 Paper Rider · B1 31.08. · B2 Shifter

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Holger #10 introduces yet another new face to the ever growing label crew: Chino has been one of the most busy live performers in Poland for the last decade - playing all-hardware sets in clubs and at festivals on a weekly basis. His »Hiss« EP is a true Acid treasure and Holger's most decisive step into proper club territory. »Worker« and »Paper Rider« are two bass-heavy dancefloor belters, with strong kickdrums and synapse-tickling 303 lines. The flipside shows two more of Chino's many facets: While »31.08.« is a slow-burning Dubtechno hypnosis, »Shifter« closes the EP with moody Electro. Mastered by Rude Lekx, also known as the legend that is Rude 66.

Holger 9

Simon12345 & The Lazer twinsCheveux propres, cheveux gras

Release Date: March 4, 2016
A1 Root · A2 ∆ · A3 Sp(2n,R) · B1 Flöte in n-dur · B2 Norbron Sjinjowkriaw · B3 Atomic Bomb Dome

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Carving out their own niche with Doumen Records and its main project Praezisa Rapid 3000 since 2013, Simon12345 & the Lazer twins now join the Holger family with a record that fits the label philosophy quite perfectly. »Cheveux propres, cheveux gras« is yet another record in between everything: It is loud but with sensitive moments, stomping and danceable, fuzzy and wild, demanding at times and yet always a pleasure to listen to. An up and down journey off the beaten paths, willfully ignoring conventional rules and listening habits. In all that it's typical Holger: A radical statement of self-expression, full of character and highly personal.

Holger 8

VaiSon of Idaia

Release Date: September 25, 2015
A1 Dust · A2 Get Away From It All · A3 Hexagon Phase · B1 Ilia Alma Delay · B2 Acroma Wind · B3 Piano Phase

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With our eighth release, we introduce yet another new artist: Vai has been active in the scene for a few years already, with various production teams and aliases. His new project is heading for a different path though: »Son of Idaia« is his most intimate work to date, a highly personal record. The elements in use are almost fragile, winding around each other and hard to grasp. So is the music: In between Ambient, Electronica and ghostly Techno it seems removed from its club origins and yet still reverberating these roots. A deep trip down the rabbit hole - dubby, immersive and glowing in all its calm beauty.

Holger 8 also introduces a new line of cover artworks, courtesy of Lukas Mehling.

Holger 7


Release Date: May 18, 2015
A1 Intro · A2 Sklt · A3 Dr. Clapper · A4 The Bug · B1 B1/Warten · B2 No4

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On his second installment for Holger, Weber further expands the sounds and themes introduced on his debut »eins« (Holger 4, 2014). Adequately entitled »zwei«, it documents Weber’s development and growing confidence as an artist. Combining influences from early Krautrock and minimal music to contemporary dance sounds, Weber shows a refreshing appetite for experimentation and free form song structures. Given these parameters anything seems possible: From the post-techno of »Sklt« via the anti-pop of »The Bug« to the spaced out »B1 / Warten« and its ghostly dub companion »No4«.

Holger 6

Dream WeaponsThe Moonland Remixes

Release Date: April 22, 2015
A Barnt Remix · B Jens-Uwe Beyer Remix

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Dream Weapons' »Moonland« from his »Pathways EP« (Holger 3, 2014) has been a favorite of many. Accordingly, remix duties were given into the trustworthy hands of Barnt and Jens-Uwe Beyer - two of the co-founders of much acclaimed Cologne label Magazine. An expert in mixing and structuring, Barnt carves out the hidden capabilities of the original while Jens-Uwe Beyer takes a slightly more humorous but no less feet-moving approach to things. Weirdo techno in typical Magazine/Holger style.

Holger 5


Release Date: September 1, 2014
A1 Pentecost · A2 In A Box · A3 Thurber Ranch · A4 Sundowner · A5 Hidden Tarn · A6 Ariel And Tiger · B1 Mrs Carpenter · B2 Glamis Castle · B3 Borogoves · B4 Sembat's Travel · B5 Van Dyne

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Timoka’s »Tulgey« is his second effort on the Holger label and quite an achievement: While his debut »Waters« (Holger 2, 2013) offered just a glimpse at the Timoka universe, »Tulgey« expands the themes set there and further broadens the perspective – adding at least one more dimension and offering new insights into this masterly crafted, highly complex world of its own.

It’s a zone of transformations: Landscapes become waveforms, images turn into sound – and vice versa. The result is rich on atmosphere, full of bittersweet emotions and captivating from start to finish. If the »Waters EP« could be seen as a fragmented short story, »Tulgey« now offers a much more consistent narrative – it’s a journey, a proper novella.

One could call it sophisticated or even wise – though the core of its origin is a very simple one: To create personally relevant music. It just happens to be incredibly beautiful at the same time.

Holger 4


Release Date: May 19, 2014
A1 Intro · A2 Quote · A3 E.M.P. · B1 somehowalovesong · B2 zwei · B3 drei

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Philipp Weber is a musician living and working in Leipzig, Germany. His main focus when creating music is to capture the moment by using all kinds of instruments in a playful and intuitive way, experimenting with rhythms, sounds and melodies. His songs are ideas, emotions and thoughts that he tries to translate into music. »It's like speaking a language«, he says, »without knowing its grammar, still trying to find the right words.«

Philipp is one half of the project Webermichelson - a two-piece band focused on merging Kraut and experimental music through drums, synths and guitars. Webermichelson have been a core ingredient of the Holger universe from the very start, one of their live shows actually being the moment where it all began. With his first mini album Weber now joins the Holger family also as a solo artist.

Holger 3

Dream WeaponsPathways EP

Release Date: February 24, 2014
A1 Intro · A2 Pathways · A3 Infinite · B1 Moonland · B2 The Vampire

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A few words by Steffen Bennemann: »I was in loose contact with Aggelos (Dream Weapons) for a few years, watching him from a distance with great interest. In 2012, he sent me his debut LP on Inner Ear under his Fantastikoi Hxoi moniker and it quickly became my favourite album of the year. When I told him our plans for Holger he sent me some of his more electronic-leaning music. I was instantly captured by the driving, trippy kraut techno songs which show homage to the psychedelic sounds of the 60s and 70s while holding their own in the here and now. Exactly our cup of tea.«

Holger 2

TimokaWaters EP

Release Date: December 3, 2013
A1 Comer · A2 Nathal · B1 Inn · B2 Aare

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A few words by Steffen Bennemann: »When the Webermichelson guys introduced us to Timoka, we didn't even dare to hope he would ever join a start-up label like Holger. His work just sounded way beyond that, so sophisticated and well produced, highly artistic and melodically complex. But as it turned out he not only became a part of our family - he even went on to define our graphic identity (together with Reymund Schröder) with his visual art. We couldn't dream of a better match. Plus: Aare is a hit (even if Timoka hates to hear that).«

Holger 1

MargotTrentaseitrenta EP

Release Date: October 21, 2013
A1 Trentaseitrenta · A2 Tristemente · B1 Yes I Noise · B2 Primidue

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A few words by Steffen Bennemann: »When I heard Margot for the first time, I instantly fell in love with their synth-driven freeform kraut-techno. Strong melodies, insanely well-shaped beats, sometimes driving, sometimes bravely bending the rules. After great releases on James Holden’s Border Community, Ivan Smagghe’s Kill The DJ and their own label we were more than happy to welcome them in our Holger family. Here they can show their more experimental side, far beyond common floor/listening conventions and full of synapse-tickling synth magic. Plus a secret pop hit (Trentaseitrenta), perfect for closing any exceptional club night.«

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